Pratikto L. Wibowo

Co-Founder and Director

Tito is pursuing master of accounting in Universitas Indonesia. He is deeply passionate in grassroot social activities. In 2015, he was the Project Officer in Devout FEB UI, a community development program for Depok region.

Concerned about education in Indonesia, he founded Spread Project to increase awareness on the importance of literacy, and was part of Manusaya Project, organization that educate kids in Lembaga Pembinaan Khusus Anak (Child Prison ministry).


Katya Prijanka

Content Lead

Katya's purpose in life is to radiate positivity; even through small things.

As a person who born and raised in East Indonesia, her mission in life is to reduce inequality by providing better opportunity and education through things she knows best: Marketing and Communication. From her professional career, she had worked for several years in Marketing and Communication area across industries ––from Government to Technology –– and for several regions in Asia Pacific.

As a person who passionate about learning, she loves reading books in her free time.  

Joining SPREAD helps her to mixed her mission, passion, and things she loves the most.


Angela Monalisa

General Secretary

Angela has loved books ever since she was young —and illiterate! Ever since she can read, life is complete for her. She is a true believer of “books as the window of the world”.

For her, SPREAD Project is a perfect means for her to carry this cause. It is still a long shot to completely eradicate illiteracy, but for now, spreading books to those who can and want to read is a step closer to equal chance for all.

Angela has joined SPREAD Project after she graduated with an Economics degree from Universitas Indonesia. She is now spreading her passion for reading in SPREAD while building a professional career in a global FMCG.

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Nur Amalia

Book Spreader Lead

Nur Amalia or Nura took her Bachelor's degree in Management in Universitas Indonesia.

She started volunteering in 2013, in "Indonesia Menyala". The first time she volunteered for a social organization was because she saw 2 kids (who she assume were scavenging for a living) on the side road of 711 Pancoran back then. Since then, she was moved to help kids, who were not as fortunate as her growing up, especially in education. She wants every kid to be able to feel joy and fun in learning. As things progress, her focus grew not just limited to kids, but to other groups such as unprivileged teens, grown ups, or even the elderly.


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